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Plant uptake of copper is in the ionic form (Cu++). Copper serves as an activator of
numerous plant enzymes and plays a role in the development of plant pigments that
influence color. A copper deficiency interferes with protein synthesis.
Stunted growth
Dieback of terminal shoots in trees.
Poor pigmentation
Wilting and eventual death of leaf tips.
Formation of gum pockets around central pith in oranges
Ferrous Sulphate  
Ferrous Sulphate
Ferrous Sulphate forms cytochromes and mettaloprotien like ferredoxine in plants. It transport electron during respiration and photosynthesis. Iron (Fe) is taken up by plants as for the formation of chlorophyll in plant cells. It serves as an activator for biochemical processes, such as respiration, photosynthesis, and symbiotic nitrogen fixation.
Symptoms of Fe Deficiency:
1 Interveinal chlorosis of young leaves. Veins remain green except in severe cases.
2 Twig dieback.
3 In severe cases, death of entire limbs or plants.
S.No Contents %
1 Fe 19
2 S 10.5
Magnesium Sulphate  

Magnesium Plant uptake of magnesium is in the form of the magnesium ion (Mg++). The
chlorophyll molecule, which is essential for photosynthesis, contains magnesium.
Magnesium (Mg) serves as an activator of many plant enzymes required in growth processes. Magnesium is mobile within plants and can be readily translocated from older to younger tissue when it is deficient.

Symptoms of Mg Deficiency:

Interveinal chlorosis in older leaves

2 Curling of leaves upward along margins.
3 Marginal yellowing, with green “Christmas tree” area along mid-rib of leaf.
Sulphur WDG
Ferrous Sulphate

Helps in maintaining the appropriate pH of the soil, thereby better uptake of other nutrients.It helps in the synthesis of proteins, Enzymes & Vitamins. Controls metabolic & growth processes within plant cells. Promotes nodulation in the legumes, thereby helps in nitrogen fixation.

It increases Oil content in the seeds,Protein Percentage,Starch content in tuber.Yield across all the crops like paddy, Wheat, Cotton, Groundnut, Mustard, Sunflower, Onion, Chilly, Garlic, Vegetables, Sugarcane, Banana, etc., It helps to improves Pungency of Onion, Chilly & Garlic.
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