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We started our Agri-Business in 1998 with a single product Organic Manure. After establishing our Organic Manure, we started Multi Micro nutrient Mixture of different grade for various states in 2001. In year 2004 we started our plant for Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate. After running our Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate Plant successfully for 1 year, we are started our Zinc
Quality is important to businesses but can be quite hard to define. A good definition of quality is:
“Quality is about meeting the needs and expectations of customers”
Customers want quality that is appropriate to the price that they are prepared to pay and the level of competition in the market.
Key aspects of quality for the customer include:
Good design – looks and style
Good functionality – it does the job well
Reliable – acceptable level of breakdowns or failure
Durable – lasts as long as it should
Good after sales service
Value for money
‘Value for money’ is especially important, because in most markets there is room for products of different overall levels of quality, and the customer must be satisfied that the price fairly reflects the quality.
Why quality is important to a growing business
Because, good quality helps determine a firm’s success in a way:
Customer loyalty – they return, make repeat purchases and recommend the product or service to others. Strong brand reputation for quality Retailers want to stock the product
In all aspects we have a large team for control their product’s quality. Bharat Agro has our own well Equipped Laboratories where we work for product development and quality control for Indian agricultural communities
Motto of quality control department is to provide the best quality products.
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